Thursday, 24 January 2013

Weave'ng wednesday

Wednesday was an exciting day, a new wendy house delivered to the grounds which needed to be repacked. We decided to just work some weaves, repack the equipment and then chill.

Roxy's weaves were good, still working on the entries but for the rest of it I was happy.

Rush's weaves were nice, thought he wasnt as speedy but he was accurate. Worked starting ahead of him, worked different angles and crossing behind him. He didnt seem phased by any of that and worked extremely well.

Brandi's weaves are coming along superbly. She is more confident in the weaves and her "nasty" angle has improved. I also worked angles, starting ahead and crossing behind. She seemed to be aware of me crossing behind her but didnt come out, so thats one thing we will work on a bit more.

All in all a nice session.

Here is a clip of Roxy and Rush, unfortunately I didnt get Brandi on film last night

Monday, 21 January 2013

Night league

On Friday we had our first rounds of night league. We are allowed to run with toys / food, provided we dont give it to the dog during the round. I enjoy this as it is good to use as training. All grades run the same course, although I did find the first course especially, a little diffcult for the lower grades.

This was Rush's first full round and I was quite excited at being able to run a full course with him. I must say I was super happy with how he worked. Our first round was an elimination and the second round we messed up terribly with the weaves. BUT all in all he had a good attitude, we worked well together and the two of us had a great time.

Brandi was superb!! She ran her heart out, we had some wide turns but her weaves were great and her attitude was super. We won the first round and came second in the second round by a sec.

Here is a video of Brandi and Rush's rounds from Friday night

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Roxy is my sweet, social little butterfly. I did start training her a bit a while back but with her social drive so strong I was battling. As much as she wants to be with me, other people around her are just as exciting, so we stopped training. I would take her to the field with the others and just let her be herself and have fun. She then seemed to be more focused on me and kept bringing whatever was being thrown back to me. So we started off simple again, 1 jump, learning directionals and I got back into training her weaves. Now we didnt spend too much time on entries and I admit I should have. So we will be working on that seperately, for now Roxy has 6+6 weaves. You willl see in the video that I am rewarding with food, I think this is more rewarding to her at the moment.

So Roxy and I will continue our training and taking it slowly, as fast as she is keen to go. The main aim with Roxy is too have fun, so thats what we are set out to do.

Here is Roxy's weave training from last night

Saturday training

On Saturday we went down to one of our clubs grounds and set up a exercise with weaves and the dogwalk.

Rush's weaves were good, he got all his entries but did pop out a few times at the last set so we will need to work on this. His dogwalk was great, I was happy with his speed and that he definately knows what is expected of him

Brandi had some lovely rounds and I am really looking forward to working with her this year.

Here is a video of Saturdays training

Friday, 11 January 2013

Tuesday training

On Tuesday we went to one of our training grounds where we haven't trained in months. It felt good being at a different venue. We concentrated on weaves in a bigger exercise.

Rush's weaves were not bad, few errors but pretty happy with how he went.

Brandi was great, few handling errors from my side but all in all happy with her attitude and how she went.

Here is the exercise we set up


Here is Brandi's video

Here is a snippet of Rush's training

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Monday weaves

So all back to normal and getting back into training mode. Monday we put out the weaves and went back a step to get back into the swing of things.

Rush's weaves were not too bad considering he had just gone onto 12 before the holiday and we really didnt do much over the festive season.

Still work to do but happy with where he is at the moment

Here is his video from Mondays training

Sunday, 6 January 2013

The new year

So the New year is apon us and we need to get back into training mode. My dogs and I have had a well deserved break, with a little bit of training still taking place.

We have kept up with our fitness and I am looking forward to the year ahead of us, competing with my dogs.

Our first "training" for the year started last week with a small exercise in the yard. We had 2 contacts, some jumps and weaves. Rush's contacts were better than what I had expected but he was a bit rusty with his weaves. So lots of training ahead of us.

Here is the exercise we did