Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Contact training

So..quite some time ago I started contact training with Brandi. I chose the 2 on 2 off method as I had never trained contacts before but I liked the results I saw from fellow competitors that had used this method. It wasnt easy, lots of blood, sweat and tears ( ok no blood but LOTS of sweat and tears ). I knew that if I wanted solid contacts I had to put the time in and persevere, we would get there. During times like this when you battle through a stage, it is so easy to give up on a method and just run the contacts and hope that your dog gets them. That wasnt what I we trained....and trained. Often I thought that Brandi had the position, however when proofing this I realised that we were not solid so it was back to the drawing board. The day came when I could see that she knew what she was doing and she knew her position, she even backed up onto the contact. Yay a break through. We then got to the point where she could do the obstacle and assume her position. Although a bit slow I knew that we just needed to proof and build her confidence. So we did lots of praise on the contact, I wanted her to "want to be in that position". We are now at a stage where her confidence is up and she is really enjoying doing the contacts. We have just started proofing in our local leagues and this weekend we will be travelling to East London and will be entering our first agility show. I am not expecting too much, just want to proof her contacts and have some good rounds.

After this weekend we will have a better understanding of where we are and what we still need to work on

Some pics of Brandi during her contact training

Thanks Nadine for the pics

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A little catch up

Well the April shows came and went and I must say I expected a better weekend to what we had. Unfortunately some people just go out to make things difficult and unpleasant for others but we gave it our best shot over the weekend. We did get a qualification in DJ but I was not entirely happy with the round. Although the round consisted of a table which we have never done before, Brandi did it!! I know we have so much to learn and need to gain more experience so we will be enjoying our rounds and just making sure that Brandi does what she has learnt and that we work on the areas that she is battling with.
Our contact training is coming along nicely. We are now doing full dog walk and A frame and proofing this in our open shows and other local events. I am happy with her last performance at a local event. We had to to do the A frame twice in our round and considering this was her first "course" with a contact she did the A frame and assumed her position at the end of the contact....allowing me to reward and continue with the course. YIP I was chuffed and will now continue proofing...We are still working on the see saw and I am happy with her progress!

Now on to "my boy" - Rush
This is my first border collie that I have owned and worked. After working with a stubborn terrier I am finding this SO much easier. He is so willling to please, just wants to work, wants to do stuff..... It is alot different to running a smaller dog and I am having to learn alot at the same time, a tight turn for a small dog is far different to a big dog! I am happy with his training so far....sorry boy if mom is a little "moron" at times....

We are also trying to fit some breed training in inbetween and will be attending our 2nd Champ show in East London in 2 weeks...looking forward to that.

Here is a pic of Rush at 7 months

And a pic of Rush in training

Thanks Nadine for this superb boy and the stunning pics :)

Sunday 06 May we had our open shows. I entered Brandi in the contact round to proof our contacts. Unfortunately we never had the dog walk in the course but we had the opportunity to do the A frame. Think it was on my bad part that I never gave her a confident que for the A frame and she ran past. I sent her back into the tunnel so she had the same approach to the frame, she charged up and just popped off at the end. Was happy with the fact that she knew what she did wrong and placed herself back on the frame, rest of the round was good and we just had a nice fun round. Next was our non contact round. While walking the course I got to a piece which I thought was rather tricky for grade 1 but knew that if we worked each obstacle and did what we have trained we could do it. We had a SUPERB round, clear with a qualification. Unfortunately we didnt get it on film, but it was one of our best rounds by far. I was very happy with my little girl. DJ round we were not so confident and popped out the weaves, which I didnt quite expect. Then a wrong entry into the tunnel saw us eliminated. We continued with the rest of the course and ended on a positive note.

Hopefully I will be able to keep my blog up to date and not have to cram a few events into one blog. And hopefully to remember to record our rounds...always good to be able to look back and see where we can improve!