Tuesday, 2 April 2013

SADAA Weetern Province trials

So last weekend, car packed, dogs in and we headed off to Cape Town for the Sadaa regional trials. I was looking forward to the weekend and especially as it was Rush's first agility show.

Friday we had 2 rounds of snooker and gamblers. Brandi ran well and we missed qualifications in all 4 rounds by the skin of our teeth. The first gamblers we accumulated enough points and she did the gamble perfectly, except I stood on the rope....1st qualification gone! Then our first snooker of the weekend went well, she gathered maximum points in the opening sequence and then knocked a bar in the closing sequence, we missed a qualification by 2 points. Disappointed but happy with how she was working. Our next gamblers we again accumulated enough points but we were stuck on the dogwalk when the whistle went and didnt complete the gamble in time. And then our last snooker round, also accumulated enough points but we attempted the A frame twice as Brandi was adamant she wanted to go into the tunnel instead. So we ran out of time and again missed a qualification by 2 points...I was happy with how she was working and couldnt wait to start with the trials.

Saturday we ran 2 agility and 2 jumping trials. Brandi ran well, 2 rounds we had some faults with me not giving good enough queues. We got 1 jumping and 1 agility qualification. Very happy with how she was working

Then it was my boy's first round. Nervous as expected but I knew that no matter what we were gonna have fun. His first round started off well, knocked some bars and then ran right passed the weaves, I know I didnt give him the correct line. Shame poor boy has to cope with me doing odd things. Rest of the day went well. I was happy with his contacts, bit slow but I know the speed will come with confidence. No clear rounds but very happy with his first shows

Sunday we had 1 agility and 1 jumping round. Brandi went clear in both moving her up into contact 2 and needing 1 more jumping qualification to move up. Again very happy with how she was working, I can see her confidence is much better. Rush had 2 lovely rounds, again some knocked bars but overall very chuffed with my big baby boy.

I really enjoyed the weekend, dogs worked well and inbetween rounds they had some fun playing frisbee.

We also had a small reunion with 7 Mackland dogs been at the grounds :) Nice for them to all see each other again.

Next up is Graaff Reinet regional trials in 3 weeks time, looking forward to some nice rounds with Brandi and Rush

Here is Rush's videos of the weekend