Friday, 13 September 2013

A new Champion

Last weekend we headed off to the annual Grahamstown shows. Rush was entered in breed and to avoid too much running around between rings, I got a handler for Rush and entered him in 2 Dog Jumping rounds. Brandi was entered in all Agility and Dog Jumping rounds of the weekend. My goals were just to have fun and enjoy the rounds with my dogs. Saturday first round of the day was Dog Jumping. Hmm so that threw my plan out of the window, as breed was on at the same time. The dog jumping course was quite nice, definately a running course. Brandi had a lovely clear round but then eliminated in the jump off. In the breed, Rush managed a RCC and I ran off to grab him for his DJ round. Again it was a nice but challenging course. Rush went clear and had a clear round in the jump off and was placed second, missing a qualification by 1 second. I was extremely happy with both his and Brandis rounds.

 Next was agility and we started with non contact. I must say the entire weekends courses were quite nice and I really enjoyed running them. In this course there was a pull through ( our weakness ) and I knew we could do this course, as long as we get the pull through right. Well we did....and we won that round earning Brandi her 2nd we were 1 away from that Champion title. The contact round didnt go as planned, but I have lots of training to do with contact rounds and I think the main thing I am working on is confidence...both with Brandi and myself. So day 1 done and we headed off to our accommodation to relax and have a brandY.

Sunday morning started off earlier and Dog Jumping was our first round, table B. Now whether table A or B I run to the best of my ability. I want nice awsum rounds, so will never run carefully just to get into a jump off, although not sure my dogs know how to run carefully. Brandi managed to win our DJ round which gave us our 1st DJ QC. I was extremely chuffed. This weekend was proving to be a good one. Rush won the DJ round giving him another DJ qualification.

But what happend next was the cherry on the cake. Ok maybe the cherry,the icing and a sparkler. Brandi won her non contact round to give us our last needed Brandi was a CHAMPION. I couldnt have been prouder and Grahamstown will definately remain a special place for me. All in all a superb weekend....and we went home with huge smiles on our faces. Brandi and Rush worked extremely well and I couldnt have been prouder that weekend.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Bounce update

Bounce is now 14 weeks old, missing a few baby teeth, weighs 5.6kg and measures at 33cm. Apart from this she is a bundle of energy, loves her new brother and sisters and lives up to her name. OH and her voice is absolutely piercing. BUT with all this said she is an absolute joy and she works like a little demon. Just what I want!! We are doing lots of baby / puppy stuff. Go arounds, wing wraps and the tunnel. She absolutely loves the tunnel :)

Here are some videos of our training

Some Go-arounds


Learning the "wait"

The target

Jumps and tunnel