Thursday, 14 March 2013

Open shows

This past weekend we had our open shows. 2 Ag and 2 Dj on one we prepared ourselves for a long and tiring day. The day started off miserable, it rained and didnt look good. That was shortlived as within an hour the sun was out and it looked like it was going to be a scorcher.

We had quite a good day, 4 here is how the dogs did!


Brandi's confidence seems to have taken a knock and she was not her usual speedy zippy self. But she has happy on the course and I think she did really well. We managed 2 contact qualifications, a NC qualification and a clear 1st place in DJ. I was unable to fully test her contacts due to her speed on the course, but I have a "plan" in building up her confidence and I am sure she will back to her usual self pretty soon. We were presented with a DJ grade 3 course which seemed to get everyone moaning. It wasnt something plain and simple, but isnt that what been in a higher grade is about...our skills been tested? I walked the course and just decided to give it my best. We either got it wrong and knew what we needed to work on or we got it right....SO quit moaning and get on with it. Well I am pleased to say that Brandi and I got it RIGHT. The rest of the round was good and then due to my poor signalling Brandi pulled off the tunnel. Mission accomplished, I wanted to get the start right and we did.
We have now moved up in contact and non contact so lots of work ahead of us.


Saturday was Roxy's first DJ show. I knew that we were using these rounds to proof her weaves and proof her focus and will to stay on the course. She is a social butterfly, so not greeting the closest person is hard for her. BUT her first round was superb, she gave it her all and we just fluffed up the weaves a bit, but I was overall happy with her performance.


Well what can I say about this boy. He just surprises me everyday.
Our first DJ round of the day he started off well but popped out of the weaves at the second last pole, I mean really there was a tunnel staring him in the face, why wouldnt he want to go through the he didnt go through the tunnel but I never took him to the start of the weaves correctly to redo and he weaved back we were eliminated, but he finished the weaves and the rest of the course really well. Our second DJ course was really nice for the grade 2's. We started with a tunnel and had a easy but fast entry to the weaves. Rush had a lovely round, winning the round with a qualification. He is listening well to my cues and is very responsive which is making running him really enjoyable. Rush gives me his everything and I am very happy with where we are at the moment. We are still proofing weaves and he will be competing in his first agility show at the end of the month.

Here is a video of some of the weekends rounds