Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cape Town shows

Brandi and I attended of first away Champ shows, and I am extremely proud of how she handled it...and surprised at how I handled my nerves. We were having a few "issues" at our local shows in the week prior, so I decided what I want to achieve. I wanted us to work as a team, to do what we have been training, and to do our best while having fun. We achieved most of that. I was a little disappointed with her weave entries in 2 of the shows, but the rest of it was good. She ran her little heart out, listened to me when I gave her the correct cues, and she definitely had fun. We eliminated both our non contact rounds....1 of them being my fault, I sent her over the jump from the wrong side ( bad mom ). In our first DJ round we got 10 faults ( once again, bad mom, weak signal ) but the rest of the round was great.... big smile for a happy mom! In our second DJ round we got 5 faults, but it was a bit messy and untidy. Although she did do the funny "dobermann" jump and a wall jump....yes it’s a big thing for us, we don’t have that kind of stuff here :-)

All in all, I was very happy with how the weekend went, and I am looking forward to our next big weekend….PE April shows.

Here is our first DJ round of the weekend