Friday, 30 November 2012

Thumping Thursday

Last night we set up an exercise, the 1st one of our new series.

Brandi had some lovely runs but some with wide turns, I managed to get 2 of these on film, I then worked a few of the sequences where we had wide turns and tried different crosses

Here is Brandi's 2 rounds

I then ran Rush on the exercise and I was happy with how he worked. We also had wide turns out of the tunnel and then also worked on a few pieces where we struggled a bit. We then tried 12 poles as he has been doing well on the 6+6.....he nailed chuffed.

Here is Rush's rounds and his first attempts at 12 poles

Friday, 23 November 2012

Collections and extensions

Last night we set up an exercise which concentrated on collection and extension. The first exercise we worked on a height of 550mm and as the youngsters did so well we changed the height to 650mm...they all managed that too....very happy!

Afterwards we set up and exercise and ran this with 2 different routes

Here is Rush's video with both exercises, and a little trick at the end :)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Weaving and turns

Our evening weather has just been so awsum lately that it gives us plenty of time after work to head out and just train!

Last night we set up weaves, still on 6+6 and wow was I impressed with Rush's weaves. We had a terrible set back some time ago when we started on 6 and basically had to go back to the start. However that was only for 1 day and Rush was then doing well. Tonight we did have a missed entry and then we also had a super entry, all in all very happy with his progress

Here is a clip of his weaves from last night

We also set up some jumps and worked on turns and driving out of turns

Here is a video of Brandi and Rush jumping exercises

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Let's do the A frame....again

Saturday was a stunning day and we used the opportunity and went down to one of our clubs that we havent been training at for a while due to the grounds been waterlogged.....

We set up the A frame with a tunnel underneath and worked on discrimination. Brandi's A frame was good...not spectacular, we have some work to do with her speed on the down ramp and her release. But not once after recieving the "walk on" que did she even look at the tunnel...pleased with that as my dogs love the tunnel!! Brandi has realised staying 2o2o on the contact she gets rewarded and for a terrier, FOOD is the best thing in the world SO she wouldnt come off. We will be working a bit more on the release......

We then took the tunnel away and just worked on the A frame with the "pups" ( big, bouncy 14 month old pups ) I think referring to them as pups will just stick :)
I was pleased with Rush's A frame....he knows what to do and I am sure the speed will come once he is more confident.

Here is a video of Brandi and Rush's A frame


Rush is now on 6+6 and he is working them superbly. We are still having the odd missed entry but all in all I am very happy with where we are....

We will be working more on his striding soon

Here is Rush's weave progress

Monday, 19 November 2012

Wednesday training

Wednesday is puppy day, mind you they are no longer puppy's....

We started off with 1 jump and a facilitator and worked 3 different heights.

Next we worked on a slice-jump grid...very happy with how they handled it.

Here is a video of Rush doing the single jump and jump grid

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Let's have FUN!!! we dont only just train....we do have some fun.....
Beach trips, learning new tricks, swimming and just sitting in the garden chilling and enjoying my dogs company

This past weekend after running round 2 and 3 of NAL and training pups on course we headed off to the beach. The dogs had an alot of fun, chasing the ball and splashing in the waves. I am sure they wished they could do this everyday....the only downfall...they get bathed when we get home!

Here are some pics taken of the dogs at the beach on Saturday evening.....

I am busy teaching Rush a few tricks, perhaps one day we will put together a little routine

Here is a very short clip of him mastering the beg :)

On Sunday afternoon Rush had a swimming session at Millbrook Hydro and had an absolute ball, he just loves the water. And if the toy starts sinking, dont worry Rush will stick his head under the water to retrieve it. Thanks Amanda Young for the session :)

Here are 2 pics of him next to the pool after his session

Thanks Nadine for the lovely photos

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Oops I did it again......

So..the last time I skipped a few months of blogging I vowed never to do that again...well I did.

Bloemfontein shows, Inter Provincial, Grahamstown shows, some local leagues have all come and gone..and I havent blogged about any of that. There is just too much to try and catch up, plus I have also been very bad with filming. But my excuse for that is my training partner who normally records also runs a small dog in the same grade, so it is difficult for us to film each other as we always run after each other, so I do have an excuse for that. I will try and find a solution for the meantime some highlights of the last few months.

Brandi and I travelled to the Bloem shows in August ( yes I know that was a whole 3 months ago ). We had some lovely rounds, some ok rounds and we had some really bad rounds. But so we learn and that is the important thing for me. If you have bad rounds, that you take it home and learn from them.
We also ran in the EP B team for the inter provincial. We had 2 lovely rounds ( with faults ) but I was very happy with Brandi's attitude and new venue experience.

Here is a picture of Brandi with her team mates

Thanks Nadine Shortland for the photo

Here is a photo of Brandi at the end of the weekend with her Rosettes

Thanks Nadine Shortland for the photo

Next up was the Grahamstown shows. Rush was entered in the breed and did extremely well, so proud of my boy. He got 2 CC's, 2 BOB's, 2 Best puppy's and a 1st in the puppy group

Here is a photo of him after the show weekend

Thanks Nadine Shortland for the photo

In September Rush did his Canine Good Citizen test and passed all his tests first time. I am so proud of this boy, everything he attempts he does it with 100%.
Brandi also has now passed her CGC bronze after having to redo 1 test, proud of you my girl

Here is Rush and myself after the CGC test

Thanks Nadine Shortland for the photo